Athena Aktipis


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Athena Aktipis is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Arizona State University, co-Director of the Human Generosity Project and Director of Human and Social Evolution and co-founder of the Center for Evolution and Cancer at the University of California, San Francisco.  Dr. Aktipis completed her BA at Reed College (Psychology), her PhD at University of Pennsylvania (Psychology) and post-doctoral work at University of Arizona (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). She is a cooperation theorist, theoretical evolutionary biologist, and cancer biologist who now works at the intersection of these fields.  Dr. Aktipis is the author of the forthcoming book from Princeton University Press "Evolution in the flesh: Cancer and the transformation of life." 

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Current Affiliations

Arizona State University

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Member, Center for Evolution and Medicine

Member, Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity

University of California, San Francisco

Director, Human and Social Evolution, Center for Evolution and Cancer

Institute of Cancer Research, London

Visiting Scientist, Centre for Evolution and Cancer

Past Affiliations

Wissenschaftskolleg, Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin

Fellow in Cancer Evolution working group

University of California, San Francisco

Research Scientist, Surgery Department (2010-2013)

Arizona State University

Research Scientist (2011-2014), Department of Psychology

University of Pennsylvania, Psychology Department

Adjunct professor (2009-2010), MA, PhD, Psychology (2003-2008)

University of Arizona, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Post-doctoral Fellow (2008-2011)

Portland State University, Systems Science Department

Developed and taught  Agent-Based Simulation course (2002-2003)

Economic Science Laboratory, University of Arizona

Visiting scholar (1999)

Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics

Instructor in public and private schools (1999-2003)

Reed College, Department of Psychology

B.A., Psychology (1998-2002)